G. David Miller, Retired District Judge (2002-2022)

Judge G. David Miller served as a District Court Judge in the Fourth Judicial District( El Paso County and Teller County) for 20 years – retiring in 2022. Over those years, he served as the Presiding Civil Judge of that very busy district and held a civil trial docket for 18 of those years. During that time, he presided over thousands of civil lawsuits and scores of civil jury trials to verdict. He presided over all forms of civil lawsuits from complex commercial litigation, class actions, construction defect, products liability, premise liability, contract actions, government liability , medical and legal malpractice, and personal injury.

Judge Miller graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1979 with a BA in economics. During the summers in college, he attended Marine Corps Officer Candidates’ School at Quantico , Virginia where he graduated with honors before receiving his commission in 1979. He attended Creighton University Law School receiving his JD and license to practice law in 1982. At that time, he transferred his commission to the United States Air Force where he served on active duty as an Assistant Judge Advocate in Germany and California until 1988 whereupon he transferred to the reserves and served in that capacity until his retirement in 2003. He was a partner in the Colorado Springs law firm of Susemihl, McDermott , Miller and Cowan in private practice from 1988 to 2002 where he specialized in state and federal civil litigation.

He was appointed to the district bench in 2002 where he served until his retirement in April 2022. During his tenure , he was selected as both the Presiding Civil Judge ( five years) and the Presiding Juvenile Judge ( ten years) for the District. He has been active in the Colorado Springs community over the years serving as the President of Christmas Unlimited and President of the Pikes Peak Red Cross. He was recognized for his judicial service having received the El Paso County Bar Association’s Liberty Bell Award for outstanding service to the legal community and Lohman Award for contributions to Juvenile Justice. He also received recognition as Best Juvenile Judge of the Year by the State Convening of Families and Children.

Judge Miller is also available to conduct Domestic Relations and Juvenile case mediations. He held a domestic docket for six years of his tenure. He is also an approved neutral with the American Arbitration Association.

During his tenure, Judge Miller was one of the most respected judges in the district and the state according to the Judicial Performance Commission which wrote on his last review:

Judge Miller is widely acclaimed for being fair, impartial, compassionate and intelligent, displaying a professional demeanor and temperament, showing the utmost respect to all participants in judicial proceedings, listening and giving ample time for parties to present their cases, efficient docket management, his knowledge of the law, and engaging in thoughtful consideration of the cases before him. Judge Miller was also praised for his problem-solving approach to juvenile cases, and his willingness to reconsider a decision in which he is alleged to have made an error. The Commission found his legal rulings to be thoughtful and well-reasoned. Several survey respondents consider Judge Miller to be one of the best District Court Judges in the State, a sentiment with which the Commission agrees.

Judge Miller retains his passion for the law in his new capacity as a settlement judge and brings the same positive judicial traits found by the Judicial Performance commission to his settlement practice.

G. David Miller Dispute Resolution PLLC Rate Schedule

Zoom mediation: $385/hour
Zoom arbitration: $400/hour

In person mediation: $400/hour
In person arbitration: $425/hour

Special Master, Private Judge: $425/hour

Zoom Umpire or Commission work: $400/hour
In person Umpire, Commission Work: $425/hour

Case evaluation: $400/hour

What I bill for

All time spent on the actual case exclusive of discussions about appointments and fee arrangements. All other time spent preparing for the conference, reviewing submissions from parties, administrative duties directly related to the case, reviewing emails, taking phone calls, legal research, and time spent conducting the session will be subject to billing. I will not charge for setting up or cancelling travel plans or driving to a hearing.

Retainer and Cancellation Policy

A retainer is not required for civil cases. A retainer of $2250 is required for all domestic relations cases which shall be received no later than seven days before the hearing date.


Upon completion of the contracted services, an invoice will be forwarded to both counsel which shall be paid within 30 days of invoice date. Late charges shall be assessed at $30 per day. Counsel are reminded of their ethical and professional obligations to pay an independent neutral regardless of reimbursement by client.